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Please help us to keep the studio running as smoothly as possible by showing respect for our facilities, neighbours and the Western Audio community as a whole. 

  • Please do not arrive early for your session and allow space for the booking before you to leave the premises.

  • Please make sure you are packed up promptly ahead of the end of your booking slot, leaving in a timely fashion for the next booking. 

  • Please leave the studio how you found it. If you have moved equipment around the room - please return it to it's original spot and hang up any cables used on the cable rack. 

  • Please do not put drinks on any of the equipment.  

  • Please use the bins provided for your rubbish. 

  • Please clean up after yourselves - wash up any crockery or cutlery used and leave the bathroom clean. 


  • It is imperative that you do not block access to any of our neighbouring business by parking in front of any shutters. Many businesses require 24 hour access so this includes evenings and weekends. 


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