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Both our rehearsal rooms are kitted out with a complete backline, full PA and drum kit, with kit from Yamaha, Blackstar, Ashdown, Orange, Marshall and Mackie. Both rooms are acoustically treated, spacious and ready for any size band. 


Studio A

Studio A is our largest room, kitted out with a full backline consisting of Yamaha Drums, Blackstar guitar amps, Ashdown bass amp and a full PA. There's plenty of space for large bands. 

For evening and weekend use, use our online booking service. 

For Mon - Fri 10am - 6pm

please get in touch to make a booking. 

Studio B

Studio B is our workshop space, kitted out with a full backline, consisting of Yamaha Drums, Orange and Marshall cabs for guitars and an Ashdown bass combo. 

Studio B is available at request - please get in touch for availability and to book in. 

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