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Studio A

Studio A is our main live room. 

At 720 square foot with 24 foot high ceilings, there's not much you can't do in this room. Not only is the sound fantastic with moveable clouds and gobos to allow us to control whatever we record in here, but the room doubles up as easily for video and photography purposes. 

The room is kitted out with a full backline and PA system consisting of Blackstar Amplification, Yamaha Drums and more.

Rehearsal rates are £11 per hour for a minimum 2 hour rehearsal or £10 per hour for 4 or more hours. 

Book online for evenings and weekends. 

For weekday use, get in touch! 


Studio B

Studio B is our workshop space. Smaller than studio A, this room is perfect for writing and tutoring as well as rehearsing and it's still big enough to also double as a great space for creating other content.

The room is kitted out with a full backline and PA system consisting of Orange, Marshall & Ashdown cabs, and Yamaha Drums.

Studio B is £10 per hour with a minimum booking of 2 hours.

To book studio B please get in touch! 


Studio C

Studio C is our control room and the beating heart of Western Audio Studios. 

Kitted out with state of the art equipment from Universal Audio, SSL, Focusrite and more, this acoustically treated space has been designed from the ground up to get the absolute best out of your recordings. 

For a full equipment list -




Please contact to work with our engineer. 

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